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Capturing The Moment

Videos of me and my angling friends. I've enjoyed filming many projects for Avid Carp, too, over the years. You can see some of this great material at

A snippet of some big Staffordshire carp at Baden Hall. Good friends Ryan Need and Ryan Mallon had a monster session, landing most of the lakes big 'uns!

With Team Avid we were lucky enough to venture to Carinthia, Austria in the summer of 2016. Myself, Ian Russell, Ant Molyneux, Arjen Uitbeijerse and 'The Carp Specialist' Jeroen Albers enjoyed the scenery almost as much as the fishing. Here's what I filmed during our stay...

It's no secret that I've been fishing Baden Hall's Quarry Pool a lot in the last few springs and summers. I really enjoy it there. For some reason, though, I've never really done much filming there. Here's what I captured on film during a successful 48 hours last summer.

For me, Acton Burnell is a place of myth and fable. It's a venue with a low stock of very big carp, but there are stockies now as the fishery invests in the future. Catching on the Bottom Lake is never easy, but slipping the net under an original on only your second night? Well that's downright jammy! Here's my video account of the session, where a big black 35lber came to visit on the last morning...
Colin Gilbert is one of my oldest friends. He balances fishing with a busy work and home life and when he does go, he does it properly, chasing big fish on big venues. This particular morning I was buzzing to receive the text "got one" in the morning. I filmed this in a quick 20 minute visit before heading to work. Epic!
Sometimes you need to escape the busy circuit venues and in the summer of 2016 I needed such respite. My good friend Andy Blower joined me for the session, and whilst it was tough going, a last morning common turned up to transform what would have just been a pile of lovely footage on the cutting room floor.
Friend Christian Kessler captured this beauty on film during my first ever visit to Germany. I stalked this 48lb German Warhammer right in the edge in gin clear water, a moment I will never forget. There's an extended version of this video on Christian's Vimeo channel here:
Escaping to a quiet syndicate lake mid-summer is never a bad idea. I didn't expect so much action on this trip, but I enjoyed it massively. Stunning scenes with some breathtaking carp. It doesn't get any better than this, if you ask me. Keepers of the faith will know exactly what I mean!
I'm often on camera duties for friends and this was no exception. Alex Lister had a mega winter on Weston Park and I was more than happy to grab a few stills and movies before heading off to work. If anyone tells you they don't have time to film their catches, they're lying. This was filmed in under 15 minutes!

I enjoy spending time with Avid Carp's Jason Umney. He's passionate about the brand and still wide-eyed and bushy tailed about his fishing. On this session, we were testing a few products and getting a bend in the rod at Baden Hall's Middle Pool. A great bet for a few bites in the colder months.

Weston Park is always good to me. This New Year's Day capture was welcome in horrible winds. Again, I was joined by good friend Rob Wooley for the session.
RH Fishery's Sitch Lake is amongst the most beautiful I've ever been to. This fun social session was a pleasure to film. I can't wait to get back up there.